Monday, July 03, 2006


Blogger Rima Mar said...

The new updated car first show in public
According to Mg Cambodia said, the new updated car will give the chance to the customer to hear the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter engine at full throttle.
Moreover, Eau Rouge will get more power for several performance climbs.
It is expected to reach 60 mph from the previous speed to 180 mph. Anyway it will waiting for feedback from the customer, it is not inform about the promotion yet.

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Blogger Rima Mar said...

Recollection of Toyota airbags

According to Mg Cambodia, the major automotive carmaker in in the world, Toyota, has notified customers up to 2.79 million to bring the vehicles, which have the airbag inflator problems.
The company said that the affected cars are recognized and informed through their serial numbers. However, some of those vehicles have an insufficient serial numbers which lead to being unchanged of the airbags despite being notified. But now they will service all the affected cars despite their lack of serial numbers as the firm stated: "For vehicles which were inspected and did not receive a replacement inflator, we will re-notify the owners and replace the inflator with a new one,"
As MG Cambodia reported, the firm stated that for those customers who have not brought their cars yet even though they were informed before will be re-notified.

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Number of complaints with modern technology cars
Trustworthy with Mg Cambodia reported that the number of unlike of J.D Power and Associates from the customers to the car owners is increase.
The owner reported that an average of the 116 problems per 100 vehicles and increase 3% if compared to the last year. The problem happen with the new high tech features that added to the new cars such as; wireless phone connections and entertainment
The more problem is not about the thing had gone wrong, but also the thing owners was not satisfied with.
For this year the result show that, there are two problems; once is about technological is difficult to understand and use, and one more is; they just do not plain do not work correctly. This problem would effected to automaker‘s future sales

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Blogger chamroeun messi said...

Resort inspiration – An extensive private master suite by David Hertz

According to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information, architect David Hertz was petitioned to design a manor-like master suite to become a sanctuary from busyness and complication of the outside world.

"The basic design premise was for us to create a resort-like feel within the house and provide a respite from the city, which you can see in the distance. The suite needed to function on many levels and be reasonably self-contained so that one could shut out the world and spend some quality time away to rejuvenate," Hertz stated.

To do so, the architect needed to utilize materials that can evoke a sense of resort retreat as he furthered: "We limited the range of materials used to mainly natural products, such as the recycled Douglas fir beams for the ceiling. Groutless slate and wool carpets are used for the floor,"

"We wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve an environmentally responsible architectural design using resources that are sustainable, and yet still present a desirable, high-end result," Hertz added.

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